About Us

Welcome to Montalto Farmhouse. We are a family run business and this was our family home – we were all brought up in the house and on the farm. We want you to enjoy what we were fortunate to have all our lives. The original farm dwelling place stood at the top of the yard where the cow shed now stands. The last three generations have lived in the current farmhouse, which was again fully renovated in 1994.

My two brothers farm this small beef and sheep farm.They will be happy to chat about their work or the life of the farm, which has been farmed by the same family now for three generations since the late eighteen hundred’s.

The family history, old and new, includes much music and writing and if you feel inspired by the location, we would love it to continue for you too should you be so inclined.

Should you come across our three sheep dogs - Toby has now taken the position as our senior dog. Oscar and Glen and the younger enthusiastic dogs. They are exuberantly friendly but are often clarried in mud. Their enthusiasm and personal hygiene are sometimes not a great combination if you are pristine about your clothes, but a firm word will suffice. If you have anyone in your party who is afraid of dog’s, then please let us know in advance and they will be secured when not out working. 

Let's not forget our very friendly cat - Tinkerbell. She loves being nutured and made a fuss off.

Please enjoy your stay at Montalto Farmhouse.

Thank you